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Call For Entry 2023

Guimarães Cinema Som is an international film festival that regards sound as a structural element of a film, taking in consideration its elements beyond musical soundtrack. The festival focuses on films that offer an authentic perspective on sound. At the same time, the festival also seeks to provide the audience with a larger knowledge of the sound element through the history of cinema, from the silent era to contemporary films, considering its different dimensions.

  1. Our Mission - The aim of the festival is to re-establish cinematic activity with respect to sound in Lisboa, Portugal and to consolidate its position in the Seventh Art Map to support the cinema movement and improvement in Lisboa.
  2. Our Vision - Is to lead the festival to the maximum extent of global outreach to become a cultural and artistic platform to highlight the capabilities and creativity in the local cinematic areas and to be a reference for young filmmakers as they are creators of the film making future in the country.
  3. Our Believe - Music and Film are two of the strongest bond of cinema in all its cultural and artistic aspects in the world now a days starting with the artists pioneers reaching young ideas and lead the way to different creations in short and feature films. This is our belief and we do not exaggerate it.

Actor Vale, nº1, 1900-025, Lisboa,
Lisboa, Portugal


+(351) 9427 9077
+(351) 9877  4383

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